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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice B Rogers
about 1884134California0
Alice B Rogers
about 1884134California0
Darlene Rogers
December 4, 193681Oregon0August 29, 20031466Turner, Marion County, Oregon, United States of America
Edith Alyda Rogers
Edith Rodgers
Edith Alida Mason
October 1, 1921
about 1922
96West Salem, Marion County, USA
0February 28, 2007
February 28, 2007
1185Stayton, Marion County, Oregon, USA
Stayton, Marion County, Oregon, USA
Edna Mae Rogers
Edna M Rodgers
September 5, 1907
110Oregon, USA
1March 19754367Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky, United States of America
Elizabeth M Rogers
July 1844173Wisconsin6191610271Oregon, USAMarch 30, 2015 - 7:14:55 p.m.
Frank L. Rogers
about 1863155Wisconsin0
George Harvey Rogers
Harvey Rogers
about 1879139Minnesota0Oregon, USA
Georgia Rogers
1875143Wisconsin, USA019457370Oregon, USA
Harold Byron Rogers
March 6, 1915103Marcola, Oregon, USA0September 15, 19625547Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
Harriet H Rogers
George Harvey Rogers
Harvey Rogers
about 1879Minnesota0Oregon, USA
Hazel I Rogers
Hazel Iona Matney
Hazel Iona Rodgers
November 18, 1909
about 1910
108Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
1January 2, 19863276Medford, Jackson County, Oregon, USA
Medford, Jackson Co, Oregon, USA
Hettie I. Rogers
about 1868150Wisconsin0
John Rogers
Joseph Henry Rogers
Josph H Rodgers
July 14, 1904
113Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
0February 2, 19833578Corvallis, Benton, Oregon, United States of America
Laura E Rogers
estimated 1858160Wissconsin, USA2
Robert Harvey Rogers
November 4, 1912105Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA0July 19694856Reno, Nevade, USA
Virginia Mae Rogers
March 11, 1913105Pennsylvania0October 29, 19902777Orange
William Rogers
estimated 1850168Wissconsin, USA0
William Henry Rogers
November 18, 1829188New York, USA9July 27, 190411374Springfield, Oregon, USA
1825193New York, USA1191010885Wisconsin, USA