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Rhonda Miller

I have been happily married to my husband, Butch, since 1995.
I have lived in Tennessee all my life.
I love to write and have been writing since I was in about eighth grade.
I prefer writing Fantasy/Fiction but am working on other genres as well.
I love the challenge of trying something new with my writing.

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The days were growing dark. War was coming to our land.
Freedom as we knew it was soon to be ending, unless a warrior was found who could lead us.
Evil was taking over and soon there would be no peace.
My father, Aerandir, was leader of the elvish people.
He had gathered together the leaders of the dwarves, the men, and the Halflings to decide what must be done.
He had even called upon the wizard, Valandil, for help.
Time was growing short and something had to be done soon.
If an answer was not found all would be lost.
Dain, of the dwarves, was the first to arrive.
Then came Ferdirand, of the Halflings, and Lamiron, of the men
. Valandil arrived last, with news of doom.
As he told of the reign of terror being reeked upon Cadrill, my heart sank.
I knew we were losing this battle but I could not give up hope.
"We are in a fight for our lives, my friends. Far worse than any we have ever fared before.
We must find someone to lead us. We need a warrior to save us," my father said.
"What do you suggest we do? There is no one left in our lands who will lead.
They are all afraid. We have looked everywhere. Where else do we look?" Dain asked.
"We must once again travel outside our world to the outer realm" Valandil said.
"But we have tried that. Each time the person we found has failed," Ferdirand said.
"True, but we have always sent one of us. We should send someone else," Valandil replied.
"Then whom do you have in mind?
Tell us so that we can decide if this person is worthy to be sent," Lamiron asked.
"We send my daughter, Laurial," Aerandir said, as he turned to face me
. "She is the only one who is capable of finding a true warrior." Rhonda Miller

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From the moment he walked into the room, she knew he was going to be trouble.
He had jet black hair that hung just between his shoulder blades
and violet eyes that seemed to look right through to your soul, all wrapped up in the most sensual body any girl would be happy to rub against.
He walked across the floor like a man on a mission never once looking around the room.
His eyes fixed directly on her.
She felt the heat within her body rise as he came closer and when he smiled, she knew she was in danger.
"Hello Kalin. Is there something I can do for you, or are you just in the mood for a drink?"
He chuckled as he took the seat across from her, "No my dear, I'm here for you.
You belong to me as of this moment unless you can give me a good reason to give you some more time to pay up on your debt."
Taria looked into his eyes and smiled, "How about I give you 2300 reasons."
She reached in her boot and pulled out an envelope. "There's your money.
Now go away and leave me alone." Kalin open the envelope and counted.
Looking up at Taria with a smile, "It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Hope to have the pleasure again soon."
As Kalin walked away, Taria growled, "Not on your life or non-life as the case maybe."
The grunt from Kalin meant he had heard her and didn't believe a word she said.
Taria smiled as she watched Kalin leave.
He had been a thorn in her side ever since she met him
but he did come in handy when she needed a little extra money. Rhonda Miller

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